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He made some transforms, sure cool - check them out! ;)…
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Smoothed out version of Menger. :) If someone downloaded the previous version get it again!
Now two types of smoothing are possible, using negative values of smoothing (the neg is less detail destructive but also cool!)
And the edges have a different slider so you can chose to not smooth the edges / only the edges / both ... :faint:
So try it! :woohoo:

MengerSmt (update) by dark-beam
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A good lecture for your sleepless nights :)…

Seriously it can be helpful

Also a little tutorial on how to code formulas.…
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Finally found the idiot error that made useless _flipC-XYZ. Now it effectively flips! :( Sorry for years of idiot behavior.
Also added a _ScaleC. (Under request of Benesi hehe)
And a BenesiPine2 that should be used in conjunction with the brother. See…

Sample image; (it is a mixture of Julia and non-Julia modes :D )

ManJulia madness by dark-beam

The formulas are here:…

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Some of them contain also parameters so fave and check :D
Stairway to Heaven by eclecticericPerpignan Arch by fractales75MB3D Preloaded Tweak Hal-Tenny-Resistance by PaMonkMB2015-295 params by Xantipa2
Mandalay Castle by fractales75477d by AkuraPare508r8b8 by AkuraPareMother Brain's Rasta Kelp - Pong 4 by WizardEyesVisuals
roller coaster by OxnotSouth Pole of Tarsus lV by eclecticericSix Lights -- Chain 00 Pong 159 by recycledrelativesThe Madness of Benesi by SteveAbell

Aaaand no renders for the new Benesi people? :cries:

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I made a new 3D formula, by Benesi. Get it from here;…

Learn more and get illuminated ( :noes: ) reading this post t the forums...…
Reporting it here too because it is so funny... it can be deleted who knows...

"hello everyone

As member of this forum and observing fractals for years, we sense this approach will be appropriated to discuss
We are seeking some help from the community with some of you who have amazing and wonderful skills into programming

We have been working on holographic matters and holographic frequency with specific methodology that we activate at the speed of light for years and mandlebulb 3d is one of the tools we have been observing and test in regard what we are doing and seems close to what we desire to achieve.
However in order to reach that level we desire to develop a matrix which include a generator of frequency with different speed of matters that goes faster than the speed of light associate with alien language form to activate frequency and then render these frequency from specific formula into root family compose-creation variable constant matters (liquid, elestics intelligence, inner, mechanical etc.. ) as symbols and it seems fractals is an admirable approach to combine both as holographic representation.

We know this is going beyond reality however since fractals express infinity of matters and breathe in a unique way we sense many of you can resonate with what we are doing.
This matrix will be free to people who are either channeling or working holographically.

We are very open to discuss with anyone who is interesting to help us in this development.
We desire to thank jesse, andreas, mark, david, darkbeam, kali, luca and all of you for creating this community and all efforts you present into fractals in order to emancipate the new.."

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He shares many params. His name is Peter ;)
This looks cool.…
;) get inspired?
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At the forums.... looks like a seashell


Also welcome back :iconfiery-fire:
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Sorry for the minispam ;)
Just curious.
Has anyone except Patty/UA tried to tweak some of the preloaded paras? Especially the one by Rowratty or Encrypted? Those were hard to get ... for nothing? Hope no. :shrug:
Lemme know ok ;)
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  • Watching: Nith Ira
Too bad I cannot reply to all of you but thanks for the birthday wishes. :huggle:

Here a tweakable param. Watch the whole gallery great things inside!
Siamese Twins by pupukuusikko
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Or so I hope. :shrug:

I just can't post polls and Ihave no ideas too ;)

No fractals for a while and not in the future for a while

Yourz truly
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which cat are you?

Journal Entry: Wed May 13, 2015, 2:39 AM

Test it:…

I am a keyboard cat :lmao: so I can play you off anytime!

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wtf japan - youtube

Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 10:46 AM

I randomly found this yt channel, some vids are completely sick some very very disturbing...
But some can find them funny :lmao:…

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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 15, 2015, 1:11 AM
> ssh world:999 -l root
ssh: connect to host world port 999
rootworld:999's password:
Last login: unknown

rootworld:~# cat /root/journal

Pink Plumbum by Dmitry-BitusSteel Clusters by Dmitry-BitusCream by Dmitry-Bitus
Convergence Sphere by Dmitry-BitusThe Archipelago in the Ocean by Dmitry-BitusCanadian spruce winter by Dmitry-Bitus


rootworld~# reboot

System rebooting

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Big big news...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2015, 7:52 AM
Ok, some of you already know... ;)

A new amazing version of MB3D, still alpha but very usable, is out ->…
You can now use eight formulas :D :beer: Andreas...

Other news;

Kali - Pablo Andrioli published the original source code of MB3D on the forums, check out if you are interested;…

Knighty, an amazing guy at the forums, wa able to do a sorcery using its great skills; apparently it's possible to create Mb3D formulas using C!!! This will open the field for big innovations due to the ease of use of C.

Check out here;…
PAGE 2: explains NORMAL ESCAPETIME formulas!
PAGE 3: explains dIFS formulas!

This is important because I am unable to do some things in assembly but it's way easier in C!


Not so happy news - I can't upload here at Da. And you people? :grump:

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mr. obvious opinion

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 3:33 AM
Recently I were asked via notes about redistribution of Mb3d source code (yes again this boring topic)
There's one person that said he has the permission to divulgate the source code, given by Jesse...
This is what I think about this topic, now and forever.
1. Jesse, as far as I know, does no longer reply to mails. So I can't be sure about this claim! Only Jesse can give permissions about his own code. Not me!
2. The person who wants to do this act does not need my approval! I didn't write the code, even a single row of it!
3. In any case, how am I supposed to react? Shoot myself? :lmao: ... this person knows if what he's about to do is legitimate, so he must listen to his own coscience. I only wished, and I still do, that Jesse's work is respected. Nothing else. How can I be "offended" by this act. Don't know :D Did I ever say (anytime) I was a collaborator of Jesse? Never! :D

My previous info was that Jesse didn't want absolutely his code published. If he changed opinion can I legitimately say no?

In two words. Go! Publish it if you have the permission.

As a final note, I am about to divulgate commented assemblies of some DIFS shapes: this should be a demonstration that I am not jealous of my code, that was always offered for free and often without even a single announcement :)
How do I program difs shapes by dark-beam


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new news + happy easter

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 4, 2015, 9:48 AM

:D My fractal Year of the goat by dark-beam won a contest, so I should receive 300 points soon :aww: ...
This fractal I featured previously is now a DD! Fractal Troll Face by bryceguy72
Please try out my new "faster" gnarly functions: (updated again today, really faster now).…
Comparative image/parameter:
WAY faster gnarl formulas. Sample params. by dark-beam

Also the forums have a more compact layout now ;)

Mixed feature;

Madness by Cora-TianaMB3D_0836_hd by 0Encrypted0Stage by Misqua
Two Sad Looking Sphere's by PaMonkRoller -Pong37 by Undead-AcademyBeating Phyics by BeeblebroxZ

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Breaking news!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 4:18 AM

I have a sensational revelation!
The next Mandelblurb3D release will have a powerful feature; the "cosmic raytrace annihilator" a futuristic feature that Andreas invented!


1. Open Mandelblurb3D.
2. Switch to 4D mode.
3. Enable volumetric lights.
3.141592 Shoot at your monitor with a plasma gun, to fix uneven pixel count on escapetime formulas.
4. Disable hypergeometric fog, in the window "Foggy trisecant of arcotangent".
5. Enable cosmic inverse ray, in the window "OHCRAP - DONTDOTHATFOOL". You will see this sequence of images: [link]
6. Point the laser beam (bundled with Mandelblurb3D - experimental version) to your room's wall. (If you have no such thing, order now; [link] )
7. Set the ray energy to 6.02e23 - 100000000 + 3.14 ^ your feet length in microns. (according to this book -,… )
8. Press the (phisical) button "OHNOOOOOODONTPRESSIT".
9. Your room will become a Mandelbox, and you will be able to rotate it using your mind alpha rays.

Great - all for now!

Your Mandelblurb3D develhopping team!

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ievan polka

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 23, 2015, 4:38 PM
I stumbled upon that great song by Loituma while randomly surfing :)

This is a trance remix I found it lovely.…

Sorry if no feature :noes:

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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 13, 2015, 4:15 AM
Hello... yes nice by AddMedia
:iconbill-snowzell: Is back again... :D
Congrats to Mark, his piece is "featured" in a DA journal!  Site Update: Bug Fixes, Hidden Gems
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
Change Log
In the Prints Shop, if you searched a term that included quotation marks, they would be escaped. Fixed by Alisey
When submitting deviations, if for any reason that file's submission would trigger an error, the error message would default to saying the file was 0 bytes in size, regardless of what the actual issue was. Fixed by szlosek
Old username symbols would appear in the Request Commission modal of the Commissions widget. Fixed by Alisey
Password fields in modals wouldn't work properly if your password contained a forward slash or back slash. Fix
Also, you can partecipate in this contest;
MB3D Surfin' Safari - Group ActivityLet's go surfin' now everybody's learnin' how...
With all of the new Asurf formulae for MB3D, we thought it would be fun to host a Surfin' Safari activity.
All entries must utilize at least one surf formula.
Each entry should be an original creation ( not a tweak of someone elses work )
You may enter 1 piece per day into the gallery.
( the oversight has been corrected, you should now be able to post to the gallery)
If you enjoy this activity, or know someone who would, please pass this journal on.
Let us all take a moment to thank dark-beam ( Luca ) for creating such wonderous things for us to play with.
This activity starts now, and goes thru 4/20/2015.
Once closed, top picks will be chosen, and bragging rights will be issued, as well as prizes to be announced later.
please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Have fun, and surfs up.

:la::iconmega-la-plz::la: !
A little feature for everybody...
Fractal 09 by DixbitAnother Green Spiral by AkuraPareCube inside cube 2 by usere35Amonia by 2BORN02B

Safety In Numbers by phoenixkeyblackThe Wanderer by ElvynessAB2015-136 ... New World by Xantipa2The Road Is Paved In Gnarl by moonhighThe Escape by treblehead

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